STEM On The Hill

October 27, 2017

ASTRA’s Executive Director, Dr. Robert Boege summarizes the 22 year legacy of ‘STEM on the Hill’ highlighting the impact of the annual Congressional Visits Day with its Exhibits and Reception honoring bi partisan champions of STEM and STEM Education. ASTRA’s Futurist, Dr. Ronnie Lowenstein spotlights the unique role of Global NetGeneration of Youth Cyberjournalist Teams (NGY) interviewing inspiring role models. At this year’s Congressional Reception and Exhibits, NGY Ambassadors represented five schools: T.C. Williams High School, Alexandria Public Schools; Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, Fairfax County Public Schools; Oxon Hill High School, High Point High School and Duval High School, Prince George County Public Schools.

This Part One Video captures the interviews of :Senator Gary Peters of Michigan who was co recipient with Colorado Senator Cory Gardner of the 2017 George E. Brown Science Award for their bi partisan leadership in the passage of the American Innovation & Competitiveness Act of 2016; Mr. Chris Trent, Office of Congressional Liaison, U.S Geological Survey; Mr. Peter Eckstein President Emeritus Of IEEE; and Ms. Patty Hester, Director of Programs, National Student Leadership Conference.

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