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Humanity's space travel plans, 2020-2030

December 30, 2019

The decade ended with the announcement of a new mission back to the moon, which is just one of the many missions that are planned to make history this next decade. Here is what humanity has to look forward to.

U.S. And China Technology Conflict - Here's Why 2020 Is So Critical

December 30, 2019

As we approach 2020, the heated technology conflict between the U.S. and China shows no signs of a thaw. U.S. President Trump’s campaign against leading Chinese technology firms--including but not only Huawei--may have grabbed the headlines, but there is also China banning most leading U.S. consumer content-based technologies, Russia architecting its sovereign internet, political pressure on western tech players over international research collaboration.

Astronaut Christina Koch Breaks Record for Longest Space Mission by a Woman

December 30, 2019

Christina Koch has surpassed the record for the single longest space mission by a woman as previously established by NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson in 2017. The 40-year-old Expedition 61 flight engineer exceeded Whitson's record of 289 days, 5 hours and 1 minute on Saturday (Dec. 28) at 6:16 p.m. CST (0016 GMT on Dec. 29).

NASA's Decade in Space: The Highs and Lows of the US Space Agency's 2010s

December 30, 2019

On Earth and in space, NASA had a busy decade in the 2010s. In its human spaceflight program, the agency retired the space shuttle and is now close to launching humans to space again, this time on commercial crew vehicles. NASA also changed its long-term destination for humans a few times; currently the agency is targeting the moon and Mars.

The Greatest Spaceflight Moments of 2019

December 29, 2019

Three lunar missions, commercial spaceflight milestones, the first all-woman spacewalk -- 2019 was a busy year in space for public and private entities alike. NASA looked forward to new moon landings while celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. SpaceX launched its first commercial crew spacecraft and lofted a miniature prototype of its massive Starship vehicle. Planetary missions began and ended, sometimes much sooner than planned.

Survey: 75% of U.S. Workers Think Their Jobs are Safe from Automation

December 29, 2019

Most U.S. workers feel that their jobs are relatively safe from automation in the next decade, according to a new survey. But some questions remain about whether workers understand the difference between the terms ‘robots’ or ‘automation’, which can imply artificial-intelligence algorithms that automate tasks within an office.

Historic 1st Photo of a Black Hole Named Science Breakthrough of 2019

December 27, 2019

The first image of a black hole, previously thought nigh impossible to capture, was named the top scientific breakthrough of 2019 by the journal Science. Although researchers had spent years theorizing about black holes, few imagined they would ever get a chance to actually see one. Since black holes reflect no light, they are perfectly camouflaged against the darkness of space.

NIH issues new notice on diversity

December 26, 2019

NIH has taken an expanded approach in defining scientists from disadvantaged backgrounds, in an effort to encourage and enable more biomedical scientists. NIH determined that the criteria they were using in defining disadvantaged was too narrow; for example, what was considered low-income ($25,750 for a family of four) is actually considered severe poverty and represents an overly strict threshold, the reviewers found.

Amazon's HQ2 finally begins to take shape - the Arlington way

December 26, 2019

It took just seven months for Inc.'s first two HQ2 towers to navigate the Arlington County process -- from initial submission to approval by the county board just days ago on Dec. 14. With the exception of a couple of demonstrations and some post-approval disappointment, the massive project has navigated Arlington's red tape smoothly and quickly.

Opportunity Zones can help upward mobility in distressed areas

December 26, 2019

Partisanship on Capitol Hill is at an all-time high, but if there’s one thing in the Trump administration’s 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that both sides of the aisle can get behind, it’s the creation of Opportunity Zones. This part of the TCJA didn’t capture much media attention -- most people were focusing on the new tax brackets -- but OZs nonetheless create ample room for wealth creation.


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