What Presidential Candidates Should be Talking About

July 17, 2015

Democratic and Republican Presidential Candidates. The Speech We Would Love to Hear on Tech and the Economy.

A year from now, the 2016 presidential primaries will be over, and the nominees of both parties will need to focus in earnest on the broad interests of the American people, not just the parochial concerns of their respective bases. When that time comes, this memo provides the draft of a speech that we believe is critically important for the country to hear on technology and the economy. It is about how America can flourish again, and we invite anyone to borrow from it freely.

We are delivering this memo a year early because, frankly, it covers issues that partisans on both sides need to hear and understand. We realize that some of it will make some people uncomfortable, because it is candid about the shortcomings of commonly held beliefs about how the economy works and what the role of government should be. But we are policy people, not political advisers, so we will leave it to others to decide exactly how and when to deliver these out-of-the-box messages.

Information Technology & Innovation Foundation