Survey: Students on STEM

June 08, 2016
Survey: Student on STEM

A new survey of American teenagers from the Amgen Foundation and Change the Equation offers real cause for optimism about the future of high school science and biology education in the United States. Teens generally like science -- and biology in particular -- and they grasp the importance of the field to people’s lives.

The report, titled "Students on STEM: More Hands-on, Real-World Experiences" shows that students want additional opportunities that will inspire them to explore careers in scientific fields, and teachers are uniquely positioned to stimulate students' interest in STEM. The survey found that large majorities of teenagers like science and understand its value, but common teaching methods, such as teaching straight from the textbook, do not bring the subject matter to life in the same way hands-on, real-life experiences do. Several results reveal an opportunity to better engage students in the classroom.

The Amgen Foundation, Change the Equation