Afterschool Programs Step Up as Key Partners in STEM Education

October 01, 2015
Report: Afterschool Programs Step Up as Key Partners in STEM Education

Research shows that what happens outside of school can be equally as important as what happens inside of school in setting a child’s direction and activating interest in STEM or another subject.

Afterschool programs have emerged as a dynamic and vibrant setting for innovative STEM education and there has been rapid growth in this field over the past few years. Although many of the statewide afterschool networks are collecting data from afterschool providers in their states on afterschool STEM programming, this report offers the first national look at availability and access to afterschool STEM programs and parental attitudes and expectations for such programs. The America After 3PM survey is the most comprehensive study of how school-age children in the United States spend their after school hours.7 The data from this survey enable us to better understand parental expectations for programming and their perceptions of what is occurring in the programs; and examine differences in availability, satisfaction levels, and priority placed on STEM across various demographics.

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