10 Hot Consumer Trends 2016

December 21, 2015
10 Hot  Consumer Trends 2016

This report presents insights from various studies that have been conducted by Ericsson ConsumerLab during 2015. The broadest trend in this report is representative of 1.1 billion people across 24 countries, whereas the narrowest trend is representative of 46 million urban smartphone users in 10 major cities.

Source information is given separately for data used on each page. An additional online survey of smartphone users in 13 major cities across the world was also carried out in October 2015, specifically for this report. It comprises 6,649 urban iOS/Android smartphone users in Istanbul, Johannesburg, London, Mexico City, Moscow,New York, Paris, San Francisco, São Paulo, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo. Respondents were aged 15−69, and the sample is representative of 68 million urban citizens.