Invitation to Join ASTRA at the 2018 Color of STEM Voices Keynote Presentation

March 23, 2018

Please join ASTRA April 7th at the 2018 Color of STEM Voices Keynote Presentation spotlighting world futurist Jerome C. Glenn, at the Fifth USA Science and Engineering Festival at the Washington DC Convention Center from 1:30PM to 3:00PM.

ASTRA’s Executive Director, Dr. Robert Boege and its Advisor & Futurist, Dr. Ronnie Lowenstein will moderate Mr. Glenn’s presentation: ‘Changing the Future of Work & Technology: Implication for Education and Learning.’

Attendees will be engaged and enlightened by the global futures research and life experiences of Mr. Jerome Glenn  (see  A visionary, Mr. Glenn cofounded the Millennium Project (a global think tank focused on futures research) 21 years ago and has been lead-author of The Millennium Project’s Annual State of the Future reports for the past twenty years (see

Glenn’s expertise has been culled over 40 years conducting Futures Research working for governments, international organizations, and private industry in Science & Technology Policy, Environmental Security, Economics, Education, Defense, Space, Futures Research Methodology, International Telecommunications, and Decision Support Systems with the Committee for the Future, Hudson Institute, Future Options Room, and the Millennium Project.

His most recent research addresses critical topics including: Future Work/Technology 2050, Future Elements of the Next Global Economy, National Collective Intelligence System for Egypt, National Future Strategy Units, Global Energy Scenarios for 2020, the Future of Ethics, 2025 Science and Technology Scenarios, and Middle East Peace Scenarios.

Bravo to the Color of STEM Leaders Joel Harris and Curt Simmons ( for sponsoring this program and for hosting a Color of STEM Pavilion in collaboration with the USA Science & Engineering Festival every two years. The Festival is the largest and only National Science and Engineering Festival in the United States; there were more than 365,000 inspired attendees at the last Festival in 2016.


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