Top 15 Benefits of a STEM Education

In a technology based society, technology is forever changing. It’s also used in almost every aspect of our lives. As work places change with updated software, and office equipment and machinery becomes more touch screen STEM knowledge is vital. Keeping up with technology, not the Kardashians, is highly important.

Help wanted: Next-generation STEM jobs

Getting millennials and other young people attracted to STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) careers and entry-level manufacturing jobs has the full attention of higher education and corporations, summit panelists indicated during the TVC event at the D.P. Culp University Center at East Tennessee State University. They agreed society needs to change how students view STEM.

How a handful of companies is forging the future of robotics engineering

If you want to study robotics engineering in university, you currently have to pull knowledge and skills from three different disciplines: computer science, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering. There is no university curriculum that’s fully focused on robotics, so it takes some time for young robotics engineers to get up to speed. As a result, young engineers are entering the workforce with little practical experience, and employers can’t count on getting a standardized, well-defined skill set from new hires.

Three Considerations for STEM Investments in Education Facilities

It follows that facility administrators and planners have sought funds to develop and bolster STEM programs at many private and public schools, and universities have invested millions of dollars in STEM-related facilities. There are some important considerations to keep in mind as educational institutions seek to expand services into the STEM markets with state-of-the-art facilities. Here are just three:

Students from MIT and Harvard are biking cross country to get kids excited about STEM

“It’s a growing problem in the US that there’s not enough engineers,” said Francesca Childs, a Harvard sophomore studying astrophysics and physics, and one of the seven riders. She and the rest of her team are members of Spokes, a club at MIT that for the past two years has embarked on the cross-country bike tours. Along the way, students will stop at 10 to 15 libraries, middle schools, and home school networks and host workshops in a variety of STEM fields, providing hands-on science experience to kids that might not otherwise get it.

Texas College Prioritizes STEM Education

Over the span of two years, the College has formed a STEM Council for the support of all events and initiatives relating to science, technology, engineering and math, more commonly referred to as the STEM fields. The council meets monthly and is comprised of administrators, faculty and staff from across the college...

Every career is a STEM career

Every career is a STEM career. The only difference is the amount of education required for a specific field and the financial compensation received. From bug exterminator to aerospace engineer, STEM skills are required on a daily basis. This can only call into question our approach to filling career field shortages and how STEM is understood and incorporated into every curriculum.

New STEMAZing Project site connects teachers to STEM resources

The STEMAZing Project’s new website is uniquely intended to provide teachers with access to STEM resources that can otherwise be difficult and time-consuming to discover. All of the resources listed on the site are recommended by fellow teachers and vetted by The STEMAZing Project’s teacher-leader cohort.

The Big Bang Theory STEM Scholarship Set At UCLA

The Big Bang Theory helped make scientists look cool on TV. Now the hit CBS/Warner Bris. TV sitcom and its executive producer Chuck Lorre are looking to help foster new generations of scientists with financial aid for low-income college students. Big Bang and the Chuck Lorre Family Foundation have established The Big Bang Theory Scholarship Endowment at UCLA for undergraduate students in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Data-driven dynamics in STEM

The debate over STEM is over.  No person in their right mind, let alone a candidate running for president would say that our nation is doing enough to educate our young people for careers in the emerging Internet of Everything economy. But while there is violent agreement on the challenge, we are all asking what can we do about it, and how will we know if our efforts are working?

Meet 12 Women In STEM Who Just Broke The Glass Ceiling

Science, technology, engineering and math have long been male-dominated fields. Though barriers still exist, female scientists are making inroads into the old boys' club more than ever before. As more women assume positions of power in the STEM world, scientists hope more women may be encouraged to pursue STEM careers of their own.

6 Tips on How to Succeed in STEM

I've heard a lot about the lack of women in STEM careers since it's an issue that regularly makes headlines. My team defies that notion in two ways: first, the art-science discipline required for my job challenges the notion that careers in technology are dry; second, five out of the six people who report to me are women! Recently, I asked them to each give me a tip about how they succeed in STEM. Here's what they told me:

Flying STEM Education into the Classroom with SkyBot 3D Printed Drone

Drones and robotics are the backbone of modern grade school STEM education. Engaging kids with lesson plans that feel more like building a toy than learning, is an excellent way to keep kids interested and encourage them to familiarize themselves with modern technology. And while we are seeing more and more schools embrace STEM and robotics education, the sad reality is that for many modern schools they are simply unable to afford the equipment necessary for a proper training program.

Private Girls School Revamps STEM and Media Spaces

A private school for girls in Los Angeles recently converted classrooms into spaces intended to improve delivery of STEM education and media-related work. The Archer School for Girls, opened in 1995, converted the spaces to help its 480 students engage in engineering, design and media activities. The school worked with Parallax Architecture and Planning, a firm that specializes in the planning and design of educational facilities.

Two Of Three New Mexico Research Universities Mainly Graduate Liberal Arts Majors

At the end of the 2014 fall semester, UNM conferred 3,736 bachelor’s degrees. That included 236 in engineering, 272 in various health professions and 417 in science and math – about 25 percent of the total. At the same time, UNM issued 2,811 degrees in such areas as business, education and fine arts. Many New Mexico employers say it is difficult for them to find sufficient STEM-qualified employees, particularly in certain specialized fields.


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