US needs crash course in math

Engaged learning empowers students to play a more active role in knowledge acquisition — in other words, "to learn by doing." The technique involves a combination of reading, writing, discussion, personal reflection, and interaction with technology.

National Science Teachers Association Kicks off 2014 Teacher Awards

The National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) has opened its 2014 Teacher Awards Program, with 20 different awards for more than 50 teachers at stake.

Play to Learn: Solving a Billion STEM Problems through Educational Gaming

Our STEM videogame subgroup proposed a two-fold commitment idea. First, we’re aiming to foster the development of high-quality, high-engagement educational videogames that adapt to the student and are able to evaluate learning. Second, we want to support games that engage students on a national level to solve a billion STEM problems using these games.

Top 20 STEM Education Podcasts You Should Be Listening To Now!

Educators craving that end-of-Summer boost to get them back in the zone for the Fall don’t have to look far. While it goes without saying that, over the Summer break, teachers enjoy being inspired by the written word from their ever-growing book lists, there is also incredible information and inspiration to be found through podcasts.

Competency in Computer Science: A Crucial Element of STEM Education

As the global economy grows ever more dependent on digital technologies, our nation’s competitiveness will depend on our ability to educate our students and our workforce in the fundamentals of science and technology. By 2018, STEM jobs are expected to increase 17% and more than 70% of these jobs will be in computer science (CS).

The ‘Science’ of Learning: Three Strategies for Improving STEM Education

"We all need to better understand what leads to a learning moment and what then produces the most effective learning outcome." - Susan Winslow, Vice President of Marketing at Macmillan Education

Science academies a hot trend for fall in North Jersey

With schools set to open in about three weeks, the hottest trend in education is the launching of special academies for science, technology, engineering and math, aimed at training future high-tech workers and capturing the fascination of young people born to a digital age.

Harvey Mudd’s Klawe Maps Way to Woo Young Women Into Tech

Since she became president of Harvey Mudd College in 2006, the 800-student liberal arts college near Los Angeles has made tangible progress creating a blueprint for encouraging women to become computer scientists. Last year, more than half the school’s engineering majors were female for the first time. Women made up a record 47 percent of its computer science majors.

What will the future of education look like?

Data presented by Dr. Mark McDaniel, professor of psychology at Washington University in St. Louis, showed us that memorization and repetition don’t support long-term retention, but these are the methods we’re most likely to pursue as individuals when it comes time to try to learn.

Howard to Harvard: An Inside Look at Mentoring in STEM Education

One of the challenges in this area involves finding mentors who understand the complex issues surrounding urban youth. In order to prepare the future generation of STEM leaders, we must also increase the access to research labs and hands-on experiences in the biomedical sciences.

Bosch: STEM Education Issues Must Be Addressed

Mike Mansuetti, president of Robert Bosch North America, says there are tremendous opportunities for young people with STEM educations to obtain good-paying, rewarding careers in the auto industry.

Addressing the Workforce Education Gap

This growing divide between employer expectations and the educated labor supply seems like it should be easy to bridge, but without specific training and technical skills, many college graduates will not be qualified to fill the positions that are currently available.

The alternative career is no longer alternative

In a webinar earlier this year, Sean Sanders of AAAS put it bluntly: “A majority of PhD graduates do not, and will not in the future, obtain bench research positions in academia or industry.” Webinars such as this, active LinkedIn groups such as PhD Careers Outside of Academia (45 000+ members), and the recent plethora of articles on post-PhD careers demonstrate interest in training opportunities for what were previously thought of as alternative careers.

12 STEM Resources For Young Women

Trying to fuel a young woman's interest in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics? These 12 organizations actively help students pursue STEM-related careers.

Why STEM Education is Vital for Latino Students

Essentially, we must radically transform the current educational trends for Latinos. To achieve that, there is an urgency to dismantle obstacles to education and graduation, replacing them with paths that channel and support Latino children and youth into STEM fields of study, and in completing high school and college.


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