Obama plugs science, math education at ceremony

President Barack Obama said Thursday that 19 scientists, researchers and innovators who received the country's highest honor for their life-changing work embody the spirit of the nation and its "sense that we push against limits and that we're not afraid to ask questions."

President Obama Celebrates Progress on Educate to Innovate STEM Campaign

At a special event held at the White House today, the President marked the 5th anniversary of Educate to Innovate with several key progress updates showcasing the ongoing momentum of the campaign. NMSI is proud to report that since 2009, it has mobilized $27 million in public and private funds to support expansion of the College Readiness Program to 78 military-connected schools across the country—and the results have been spectacular.

Crisis and Opportunity

The underrepresentation of minorities in STEM fields sets up a large hurdle to future economic growth in the United States. Demographers predict that in less than 30 years, African Americans, Native Americans and Latinos will collectively constitute the majority of the U.S. population.

Girls in Tech Launches the Global Classroom

Call it a new online learning platform that will connect girls across the world access to online courses, tools, and resources to help them improve their knowledge in STEM related fields. The platform is The Girls in Tech Global Classroom and it will launch this December.

CBO examines how fed policy, system changes can spur US innovation

The federal government can change a number of existing policies around research and development, education and tax to spur greater U.S. innovation, a new Congressional Budget Office report said. The report (pdf) released Nov. 17 also examined what changes can be made to immigration policy, the patent system and the regulatory environment.

One Mom's Mission to Encourage Girls in Science

Mathews, a software engineer in Chalfont, Pennsylvania, believes the earlier girls are introduced to these fields, the better the chance they will be empowered to pursue those careers when they graduate from high school.

Youngsters embrace technology that combines art, software in 3D printing

Joey Bennett likes computers, much like any typical 13-year-old, but he does more than play games. He designs three-dimensional models — images of food, plants, space objects, toys and animals — that can be manufactured by laying down layers of material using 3D printers.

A Good STEM Education Depends on the First Two Years of College

For those students who are seriously looking at STEM education, especially with an eye towards medical or dental school or a career in engineering I encourage them to ask about the first two years of the curriculum, as opposed to the last two, where you delve more heavily into the major. Here are some questions to ask:

Give the Gift of STEM Skills for the Holidays

The possibilities for gifts for little ones this holiday season are endless. While some gifts will undoubtedly be long sought-after and pure fun, the holiday season is great time to get your children interested in activities that promote learning, particularly in the ever-growing fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

6 STEM Jobs With the Most Women Workers

While major strides have been taken to diversify the STEM workforce, there are some occupations that have higher percentages of women than others. Here's a list* of six jobs – spanning the science, technology, engineering and math fields – that have the highest percentage of women.

Graduating more engineers should be a national priority

Engineering is foundational. While the discipline is vast and diverse, it is held together by the unifying concept of effective problem-solving. Engineers learn to examine problems from a variety of vantage points. They are inventive and precise. Imagination and logic work in counterbalance: Engineers understand what is and see what might be.

Elementary schools start teaching data literacy

Parisi is part of a growing movement of educators creating lesson plans to teach students to collect and analyze data — even in subjects outside numbers- intensive math and science. She hopes to prepare them to eventually fill the shortage of qualified science, technology, engineering and math professionals, but also to derive opinions from measurable, real-world data.

The Gap in Sparking STEM Interest

There’s a startling gap between the quality and availability of STEM courses between schools with a large population of minority students and those without. Only 65 percent of high schools with large minority populations offer Algebra II, compared with 82 percent of high schools with small minority populations, according to the US Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights.

Program Helps Kids Prepare for 21st Century Careers

By introducing youth to hands-on, discovery-based STEM learning opportunities, out-of-school providers are teaching kids how to make technology through design thinking – rather than just consuming technology. This education is invaluable because there is a skills divide between young people who simply consume data as entertainment and kids who can apply data analytically and creatively.

Women in STEM: Progress, Asymptote, and Equality

Presented here are specific statistics of women with degrees in Science and Engineering, the asymptote of progress in math-intensive fields, ideas to inspire, integrate and retain more women in Engineering and finally the role of STEM as a passport towards equality.


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