As Education Costs Rise, Miss America Scholarship Program Leads Way

Along with the 53 contestants vying for the crown, Miss America 2014 Nina Davuluri, who herself received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan in brain, behavior and cognitive science, visited the city to help promote Miss America’s education and empowerment mission and share their own exceptional journeys.

Essential to STEM Education: Other Subjects

Educators, business leaders and politicians say science, technology, engineering and math education needs to start as soon as students enter school – and be better integrated with other topics, too.

Wal-Mart’s Rick Webb says nation must do more to boost STEM education

Over the past few years the retailer has added at least 600 engineers to its ranks to continually look at each process from the supplier to store shelves with goals of streamlining logistics and reducing costs. “The bottom line is that engineers are critical to accomplishing the global footprint and profitability of Wal-mart...

Robotics challenge coming to Louisville

The 2015 VEX Robotics World Championship, April 15-18 at the Kentucky Exposition Center, will celebrate the accomplishments of future leaders and advance their interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, officials said Thursday.

STEM is incredibly valuable, but if we want the best innovators we must teach the arts

A foundation in STEM education is exceptional at making us more efficient or increasing speed all within set processes, but it’s not so good at growing our curiosity or imagination. Its focus is poor at sparking our creativity. It doesn’t teach us empathy or what it means to relate to others on a deep emotional level.

Teens are already thinking about tomorrow's jobs

...a new survey conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of CareerBuilder and Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. suggests high school seniors are more aware of the challenges they face when it comes to the so-called skills gap. The majority of those teenagers said they already know what fields they want to pursue, with STEM-related fields (science, technology, engineering and math) topping the list of their choices.

In a STEM-obsessed world, let’s remember to value real inventions over test scores

If educators don’t start producing better test results by the time the next round of PISA test results come out in 2015, the risk is that all those tablet apps and 3D printers and robotics kits will start to look like just shiny and expensive toys. What’s the good of a $1,000 3D printer if kids still can’t figure out what to do with it? (Those PISA scores are supposed to measure “practical” skills and not “theoretical” skills)

New Charter School In Texas Focuses On STEM Learning

The University of Texas of the Permian Basin’s STEM Academy K-6 school opened up this year and will teach students STEM skills by focusing on hands-on education.

Hooked on Metrics: Why Learning Can and Should Be Measured

When I first started teaching science 10 years ago, no one ever talked about achievement or thought about data. You just entered the classroom, taught and assumed what you were doing were the right things. One day, my principal called me into her office and asked why more of my students weren’t passing a mandatory state science exam. I knew my students, who came mostly from at-risk populations, were taking this test, but no one had ever held us accountable for the results in the past.

The Rigors and Rewards of Teaching STEM Along the Border

The UA Transition to Teaching program provides training in southern Arizona's poverty-level schools for UA students who want to be teachers. Addressing teacher quality in southern Arizona can be rigorous because the challenges faced by schools there are unique, Kralovec said. For example, the border culture is very different from other parts of the state. Many students in the area are binational and maintain close ties with their families in Mexico.

What Women in Engineering Are Saying in the South

What does a discussion among women engineers sound like in U.S. Southeast? The South is not a region identified as a hub of STEM careers for women, but the massive influx of international manufacturers and their vendors has rapidly changed the landscape.

International students come to US for business, STEM education

Engineering was especially popular with international doctoral students -- more than a quarter of them were enrolled in that discipline. The top source city for foreign students in the STEM fields, Hyderabad, India, sent nearly 9,000 students to the United States seeking engineering degrees -- a figure topped only by the number studying computer and information sciences.

Taking the Skills Crisis Into Our Own Hands

It is becoming increasingly clear that business and industry must share the responsibility for educating and training the future workforce. Chevron and Lockheed Martin, two of the world's leading employers of scientists and engineers, have invested millions of dollars into STEM education across the U.S., funding Project Lead The Way (PLTW) programs at the elementary, middle and high school levels.

Financial Incentives Improve Scores and Enrollment In AP Science And Math

A recent STEM column by Kenneth Chang in the New York Times, reports on the success of the National Math and Science Initiative, a nonprofit incentivizing STEM education by providing $100 to each student with a passing AP score and $100 to the teacher, citing an average 85% increase in passing scores the first year while nearly tripling by three-year program’s end.

Buyer's remorse on Common Core for policymakers?

"What really has happened is that this has become a politicized issue and it's become an ideological symbol, interestingly, on both sides," said Patrick McGuinn, a political science professor at Drew University. He said the standards and the assessments designed under them are generally considered acceptable or of high quality.


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