NASA Solicitation: STEM Engagement Activities for Middle School Students

The NASA Glenn Research Center (GRC) Educational Programs Office (EPO) is seeking Minority Serving Institutions (MSI's) who are interested in providing STEM engagement activities in summer and after school programs within our six-state region which includes: Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

LEGO Adds New Female Scientist Toys After Fans Demand Them

The toy company is selling a new kit, the Research Institute, which features women in various STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) jobs: a paleontologist, an astronomer and a chemist.

Starting STEM Early: Cloud-Based Curriculum Helps Schools Effectively Teach Early Math and Science

Waterford Institute released its math and science curriculum today in a new, web-based format meant to help schools reduce costs and more easily access and use research-proven, age-appropriate software to teach STEM concepts to early learners.

Helping grow the next generation of scientists

The JSTI (Joint Science and Technology Institute) program took place from 21 July to 1 August at the U.S. Army’s Edgewood Chemical Biological Center (ECBC), in Edgewood, Maryland, and nearby Harford Community College. This CB summer program is part of the larger Department of Defense STEM program which aims to develop a competent STEM workforce crucial to the DoD’s ability to defend the United States and to ensure the vitality of the nation’s defense industrial base.

Opinion: STEM is not powered by STEAM

There is no comparison between the kinds of creative and innovative skills required to succeed at the STEM frontiers of human knowledge, and what passes for creativity and innovation in the arts.  And such differentiation is literally impossible to communicate to people not versed in the mathematically based disciplines.

3-D printer making prosthetic hand for Vegas girl

"(The project) is great for our mechanical engineering students," said Brendan O'Toole, director of UNLV's mechanical engineering program. "They need to be learning about 3-D printing and honing their computer and design skills."

5 resources for rethinking STEM education

"Traditional science training provides a solid foundation of facts and basic science technique, but rarely examines how to foster scientists' creative, cross-disciplinary problem identification and solving skills." Need some inspiration to help you develop a new perspective on STEM in the classroom? Here are five places to look.

Top 10 highest paying college majors

It is no surprise that this top 10 list is heavily populated with STEM degrees, as they are continuously in demand. You should also note that not every university will provide you with degrees of equal value. Some schools graduate students who end up making much more in starting and midcareer pay than their peers at other universities.

How to diversify STEM workforce?

Are complaints about a lack of qualified Americans to fill science, technology, engineering and mathematics jobs misplaced? According to recent Census Bureau data (which shows that only one in four STEM degree holders is in a STEM job) and civil rights leader Jesse Jackson, whose Rainbow PUSH Coalition is spearheading an initiative to get more qualified minorities into Silicon Valley, they certainly are.

Creating sustainable university and college STEM programs

A new study has identified two factors that characterize sustainable university and college programs designed to increase the production of highly qualified physics teachers.

Is STEM Vital to Filling Manufacturing Jobs?

With hundreds of thousands of industry positions unfilled despite an elevated unemployment rate, a new model is needed to power the manufacturing sector of the future.

5 Questions With Hackathon Winner Erica Manoppo

Erica Manoppo and the rest of the City Year challenge team won the award for Best Use of Data. They created visualizations of different AP and MCAS exam results in order to explore and compare the participation and performance of girls in STEM education across the state.

Lofty goals for new Florida Polytechnic University

It is the centerpiece of what will soon be Florida’s 12th state university and the only one dedicated almost exclusively to producing science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM, degrees.

It takes a village to raise STEM talent

Experts say it’s up to the community -- businesses, colleges, high schools, parents, even politicians -- to stop the bleeding of STEM talent. It’s their collective job to own these kids and make sure youth get on the STEM path and stay there. And stay here after they graduate.

Hacking contests ID cyber talent for government, industry

Enter cyber competitions: Contests for aspiring cybersecurity warriors to show their mettle in real hacking challenges, where they can both practice their skills in a legally safe environment and appeal to recruiters that sometimes will hire the top talent on the spot.


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