Build More Than Just A Resume: Seven Ways STEM Builds Character

In the 19th century, Sir William Curtis of the London Parliament declared the "3 Rs" - reading, writing, and arithmetic - the foundational skills of modern Western education. While the importance of these skills remains indisputable, recent research has pointed to four additional abilities that enable life success: "the 4 Cs of 21st century learning."

White House previews data tools to bolster federal STEM workforce

At an event celebrating the expansion of roles at federal agencies centered around science, technology, engineering and mathematics, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and the U.S. Office of Personnel Management debuted five workforce data tool prototypes that, once complete, will help agencies bring more STEM-skilled employees into the fold.

U.S. Army and Hispanic Heritage Foundation Renew Partnership to Promote Education and Careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

The U.S. Army is continuing its partnership with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) as a major supporter of HHF's Latinos on the Fast Track (LOFT) program, which provides leadership training and industry-specific workshops to more than 75,000 students and young professionals.

Tech Companies Hope to Introduce Coding to 100 Million Students

In an effort to attract more — and more diverse — programmers, the CEOs of two dozen big tech companies, including Microsoft, Google and, will launch a campaign Wednesday with non-profit to introduce computer science to 100 million students world-wide.

The ethics of Hacking 101

Shenoi, Brumley and Hotz are players in a controversial area of technology: the teaching and practice of what is loosely called “cyberoffense.” In a world in which businesses, the military and governments rely on computer systems that are potentially vulnerable, having the ability to break into those systems provides a strategic advantage.

Chevron funds study targeting hurdles to STEM curriculum

With 700 workers employed in gas drilling operations in the tri-state region surrounding Pittsburgh, energy giant Chevron believes it has a significant stake in whether current middle and high school students are adequately prepared for careers in the gas and drilling sector.

Penn State To Create PD Badge System for STEM Teachers

The system will allow teachers to choose from among skills and badges they're interested in, such as bringing engineering into school curriculum or teaching students about the solar system, according to a news release. Teachers will also be able to choose between stamps or badges. Stamps look like passport stamps, while badges, which require more work, look like embroidered badges. Both require educators to complete certain tasks and the work must be reviewed before either is issued.

Female STEM Education Promoter Calls For Gendered Tactics

While I would never defend pink and blue toy aisles or reinforcing gender stereotypes, as Joan Williams, the founding director of the Center for WorkLife Law at the University of California, once explained to me, we have to meet the girls where they are. If a girl is into sparkly, attract her with sparkle science. As a friend on Facebook pointed out, "You know what is sparkly? Supernovas!" This is how my office approaches science with girls. I meet them where they are.

Grading K-12 performance on STEM and second languages

The fact that states are performing so poorly in educating students in STEM and world languages represents a major missed opportunity to prepare students for 21st-century employment, and prepare the country to thrive internationally.

Read The Nasty Comments Women In Science Deal With Daily

"It's death by a thousand cuts. Every day you’re faced with some comment, some snide remark, some inability to get a name on a research paper. And with an accumulation of those experiences, women tend to walk with their feet." (WARNING: some posts contain graphic language)

Fostering an Early Love of STEM Through The Power of Storytelling

According to research conducted by PBS, at the age of 2, children's language skills are developing rapidly and much of that development is driven by not only on their reading and writing skills but also on their curiosity. Combining these developmental milestones with the power of storytelling creates the perfect platform for fostering an early love of STEM.

Latinas in STEM: Making Bright Futures a Reality

Latinas have a bright future in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Latina girls love learning how things work. They love building things. They think it would be fun to design a video game or an app. Unfortunately, they have fewer opportunities and resources to make that bright future a reality. The Latinas in STEM Foundation is leveraging family, culture and community to change that.

Opportunities for Virginia’s community college students pursuing STEM degrees

The Consortium’s newly announced program, stem Takes Flight at Virginia’s Community Colleges, is designed to provide scholarships as well as real-world work and research experiences that foster community college retention in stem academic tracks through graduation with an associate’s degree or transfer to a four-year institution.

Rural charter school principal aims to create a model for STEM education

At Godby High School in Leon County, Demetrius Rice helped transform a dusty wood shop into cutting edge classroom-slash-robotics lab, where he led a career academy that helped students build math and science skills while preparing them for careers in engineering – which at times involved building robots, piloting drones and operating 3-d printers.

Mentoring becomes key learning piece

Derrick Pitts, chief astronomer at the Franklin Institute science museum, encouraged more professionals to take part in mentoring students during a recent summit on science, technology, engineering, and math hosted by the University of Pennsylvania.


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