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Why Has America Been Such a Magnet for Immigrant Scientists?

October 08, 2018

Science has been one of the most important contributors to American national strength over the past century, particularly since the Second World War. During that extraordinary crisis, national leaders recognized the untapped power of discoveries in a broad range of disciplines, from chemistry and physics to biology and engineering.

China Has a 'Space Force.' What Are Its Lessons for the Pentagon?

October 08, 2018

If the United States is to maintain military advantage in space, as President Trump has promised – and as his new Space Force is meant to do – U.S. policy and strategic decisions should be informed by an understanding of China’s ambitions to become an “aerospace superpower” – and how the Chinese military has reorganized itself to seek dominance in space.

Broadband subscriptions are up, but too many households are still disconnected

October 07, 2018

The American economy has gone digital and broadband is the connective tissue enabling that transformation. Two decades into the 21st century, it’s impossible to categorize broadband as anything but essential infrastructure. However, broadband doesn’t yet look like the country’s other essential systems.

US scientist, 96, is oldest to win Nobel Prize

October 04, 2018

Scientist Arthur Ashkin thought he might have a chance to win a Nobel Prize a few decades ago. But the 96-year-old from Rumson, New Jersey, said he had "given up worrying" about such things a long time ago. That changed early Tuesday when Ashkin learned that he and two others had won the Nobel Prize in physics for their work with lasers.

NASA stands by SpaceX, even as Elon Musk's troubles grow

October 03, 2018

The future of Tesla may be imperiled by a Securities and Exchange Commission lawsuit that seeks to oust Elon Musk, the chief executive. But SpaceX, one of Musk’s other companies, has continued to garner support from its key customers, especially NASA, which can’t afford to see one of its main suppliers falter.

Nobel Prize in Chemistry awarded for pioneering work in evolutionary scienceNobel Prize in Chemistry awarded for pioneering work in evolutionary science

October 03, 2018

The 2018 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to Frances H. Arnold and the other half jointly to George P. Smith and Sir Gregory P. Winter on Wednesday for their work harnessing the power of evolution to develop new proteins used in drugs and medical treatments. In announcing the award, the Royal Swedish Academy said that this year's prize "awards a revolution based on evolution," and goes to scientists who "applied the principles of Darwin in the test tube."

'Prescribed to Death' opioid memorial unveiled at National Mall

October 03, 2018

“Overdoses on opioids -- such as prescription pain pills or heroin -- are killing 116 Americans every single day, more than 40,000 lives a year,” Health and Human Services Secretary Alex M. Azar II said during the ceremony. “Think about this: Almost 1-in-100 American babies are born dependent on drugs.”

Apple's Tim Cook: 'Don't believe' tech companies that say they need your data

October 03, 2018

Apple CEO Tim Cook hit out at tech companies that claim more customer data leads to superior products, saying that's a "bunch of bunk." In an exclusive interview with Vice News Tonight that aired Tuesday, Cook did not name any names but appeared to admonish the likes of advertising giants Facebook and Google, which rely on data sharing with third parties.

Experts worry 5G could widen digital divide in cities

October 02, 2018

The rollout of 5G high-speed wireless networks are expected to usher in an era of super-fast internet speeds, but many experts worry that the new technology will only leave poor urban communities further behind.

Facebook could face up to $1.6 billion in fines over data breach as regulators eye formal probe

October 02, 2018

The Facebook data breach will be the first major test of Europe's tough data protection laws introduced in May and known as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It regulates any companies that are handling data of EU citizens and puts strong controls on how that information is stored and used.


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