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US plans trade probe over China's demands for tech transfers

August 03, 2017

The Trump administration is weighing plans to punish China for forcing U.S. and foreign companies to share their technology in return for access to the vast Chinese market, a personal familiar with U.S. discussions said Wednesday.

SpaceX Targets November for First Falcon Heavy Launch

August 03, 2017

SpaceX has gotten quite adept at launching its Falcon 9 rocket. In fact, it’s becoming commonplace for it to do something no one else can do -- land the first stage of that rocket for reuse. SpaceX is not content to just putter around in low-Earth orbit, though. The next big step for SpaceX is to begin flying the Falcon Heavy, a much more powerful version of the Falcon 9 that’s still intended to be reusable.

US Navy Launches First Jet with Electromagnetic Catapult

August 03, 2017

For decades, the US Aircraft Carrier fleet has been hurling planes into the sky with the aid of steam. However, a new generation of ships are about to launch with the Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS). It’s been tested with weights and unmanned drones, but for the first time, a real fighter jet has been launched by the EMALS system on the USS Gerald R. Ford.

Disney Research's 'Magic Bench' makes augmented reality a headset-free group experience

August 02, 2017

Disney Research has created the first shared, combined augmented/mixed-reality experience, replacing first-person head-mounted displays or handheld devices with a mirrored image on a large screen -- allowing people to share the magical experience as a group.

Cable Lobby Claims US Is Just Bursting With Broadband Competition

August 02, 2017

Everyone’s favorite organization, the NCTA (now known as The Internet and Television Association), has released a report claiming an overwhelming number of people now have access to multiple internet service providers and plenty of competition in that market. This may come as a shock to anyone living in an area (like I do) where there’s exactly one internet provider.

Senators introduce bipartisan bill to bring high speed wireless to rural America

August 02, 2017

In Sens. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) and Maggie Hassan’s (D-N.H.) Advancing Innovation and Reinvigorating Widespread Access to Viable Electromagnetic Spectrum (AIRWAVES) bill, they propose opening up spectrum space for commercial licensed and unlicensed use with the hope that doing so will drive down wireless costs and increase its accessibility.

NSF-funded supercomputer Stampede2 forges new frontier in advanced computing

August 01, 2017

The National Science Foundation (NSF) today realized the initial phase of its $30 million investment to upgrade the nation’s computational research infrastructure through the dedication of Stampede2, one of the most powerful supercomputing systems in the world.

All the companies in Jeff Bezos's empire, in one (large) chart

July 31, 2017

Jeff Bezos was the richest person in the world... for half a day. The Amazon founder’s net worth soared to $91 billion Thursday morning, but an afternoon pullback in Amazon stock meant he ended the day at $88.5 billion (and back below Bill Gates). With a net worth of $88.5 billion, Bezos has made a number of investments and acquisitions. Here is a snapshot of his empire.

NASA launches app to inspire citizen scientists during Solar Eclipse

July 31, 2017

NASA launched its newest app this week designed to motivate the average person to be a citizen scientist during the upcoming solar eclipse. Space Scientist Elizabeth Macdonald told Fox News the Globe Observer app was designed by a NASA-supported research program called the Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment, better known as GLOBE.

Social Science Is Busted. But the NIH Has a Plan that Could Fix It

July 31, 2017

As a blueprint for the future of social science, the plan is a revealing look at how the NIH thinks about those issues.For one, the plan calls for scientists to nail down and agree on terminology for different concepts so researchers aren’t just talking past each other.


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