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US CTO Megan Smith highlights heritage of women in tech

April 12, 2016

Speaking at a Q&A in Manhattan hosted by Hearst Magazines, Smith talked about the benefits of adding technologists to the federal workforce as well as the Obama administration's stance on encryption. A big focus for her, though, was highlighting women technologists and scientists to help inspire the next generation of female engineers and mathematicians.

SpaceX has delivered the world's first inflatable room for astronauts

April 11, 2016

A SpaceX Dragon cargo ship arrived at the International Space Station on Sunday, two days after launching from Cape Canaveral. Station astronauts used a robot arm to capture the Dragon, orbiting 250 miles above Earth. The Dragon holds 7,000 pounds of freight, including the soft-sided compartment built by Bigelow Aerospace. The pioneering pod -- packed tightly for launch -- should swell to the size of a small bedroom once filled with air next month.

There's Still Time to Get Presidential Candidates to Focus on Science

April 07, 2016

With just seven months until the 2016 presidential election, ScienceDebate continues working toward a televised and live-streamed presidential debate on science policy. ScienceDebate is now calling for final public input on the next set of questions to candidates. This means we're counting on you to submit questions or vote on existing ones between now and April 12.

The race for tech talent isn’t a marathon, it’s a sprint

April 06, 2016

Sourcing the talent needed for the future won’t be easy, according to a majority of business leaders surveyed (80 percent) for Accenture Strategy. Not only are skilled IT workers difficult to find, their skills may be mismatched for future requirements in a digital era. More than 80 percent of those surveyed believe the workers they hired five years ago are not the workers they need now.

Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin launches and lands private rocket for third time

April 05, 2016

During Saturday's unmanned test, Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket and capsule launched into suborbital space from the company's West Texas test site, its proving ground for reusable boosters. The capsule separated in space and returned to Earth via a parachute, while the New Shepard rocket descended on a plume of fire to stick its third vertical landing.

Ensuring U.S. Leadership in Space and the Value of Partnerships

April 04, 2016

A new paper, Ensuring U.S. Leadership in Space offers great insight into issues that may affect future U.S. competitiveness in the space arena. The product of 13 space organizations, the paper cites four issues that require “immediate attention” to prevent the United States from losing its space leadership position:  Budget uncertainty; international competition; the increasingly congested and contested space environment; and workforce trends.

Why the U.S. needs its own Get Online Week

April 03, 2016

Given the common set of digital use issues on both sides of the Atlantic, the U.S. has much to learn from what is now an extensive track record of success for Get Online Week. The design of Get Online Week is also well suited to adaptation by individual states and large metropolitan areas. With our states and cities acting as 24/7 digital laboratories, we could stimulate collective teaching and learning about improving the Internet.


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