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14 Predictions About The Future Of AI And VR

December 14, 2018

These days, staying up to date on cutting-edge technologies is critical to company relevancy. For example, recent advances in artificial intelligence and virtual reality have made major waves in the way some businesses operate. The company that knows about new tech earlier has a better chance of staying ahead of the curve and its competitors.

Huawei's CFO is granted bail by Canadian court but will be closely monitored

December 13, 2018

Meng Wanzhou, one of Huawei’s top executives and the eldest daughter of the company’s founder/CEO, will be released on bail and kept under tight monitoring over bank fraud allegations, a Canadian court ruled today. The Star Vancouver reported the decision Tuesday, which comes after a growing wave of Chinese nationalist sentiment brought protesters out to demand Meng’s release and even led Vancouver residents offer up their homes to prove Meng wouldn’t be a flight risk.

Congress Can Help the United States Lead in Artificial Intelligence

December 13, 2018

The United States is behind many other nations when it comes to crafting a national plan for AI. Last year, China released its “Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan,” with the explicit goal of becoming the world leader in artificial intelligence by 2030. Over a dozen other countries have also published national AI strategies. The AI revolution is global, and while the United States has a vibrant AI ecosystem, other nations do, too.

The Parker Solar Probe takes its first up-close look at the sun

December 13, 2018

NASA's Parker Solar Probe has made the closest-ever approach to a star (the sun) and shared an image of the sun's atmosphere on Twitter on Wednesday. NASA's image, captured Nov. 8, shows the corona, which is the sun's outer atmosphere, when the spacecraft was just 16.9 million miles from the star.

Apple to invest $1 billion in new Texas campus

December 13, 2018

The 133-acre campus will be located in North Austin and will accommodate an initial 5,000 employees, with capacity for 15,000 employees in total. The new campus will be located less than one mile from Apple's existing Austin facilities and will house a range of jobs in engineering, R&D, operations, finance, sales and customer support.

To Be Fair, a Trade Deal With China Must Be Tough

December 12, 2018

Chinese officials have long engaged in a propaganda campaign to portray themselves as the aggrieved party and Trump as the unfair, protectionist aggressor who is inappropriately intruding on China’s domestic policy prerogatives. But while it is to be expected that the Chinese would attempt to spin their egregious innovation mercantilism this way, it’s disappointing that many commentators and opinion leaders in the West seem to have fallen for the ruse.

Why the United States Needs a National Artificial Intelligence Strategy and What It Should Look Like

December 12, 2018

The United States is the global leader in developing and using artificial intelligence (AI), but it may not be for long. Succeeding in AI requires more than just having leading companies make investments. It requires a healthy ecoystem of AI companies, robust AI inputs--including skills, research, and data--and organizations that are motivated and free to use AI.

Google CEO Hammered by Members of Congress on China Censorship Plan

December 12, 2018

Google CEO Sundar Pichai came under fire from lawmakers on Tuesday over the company’s secretive plan to launch a censored search engine in China. During a hearing held by the House Judiciary Committee, Pichai faced sustained questions over the China plan, known as Dragonfly, which would blacklist broad categories of information about democracy, human rights, and peaceful protest.

Google CEO Pichai says in Post interview the company is still figuring out China and hate speech after three-hour Hill grilling

December 12, 2018

Google CEO Sundar Pichai confronted a barrage of criticism Tuesday from House Republicans who said his company suppresses conservative voices, exposing Google to the same kind of scrutiny that has destabilized its tech peers this year. Pichai insisted that Google is careful to avoid political bias in its search engine and other products.

The first long-term study on how screen time affects children's brains suggests more than 2 hours a day could do damage

December 11, 2018

Although researchers are just beginning their study of the connection between screens and addiction, early results have found that as little as two hours of screen time daily could negatively affect children. In fact, the study found that children who have more than two hours of screen time a day got lower scores on tests focused on thinking and language skills.


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