New brain map provides unprecedented detail in 180 areas of the cerebral cortex

July 21, 2016

A detailed new map by researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and associates lays out the landscape of 180 areas of the cerebral cortex in painstaking detail; 97 of these areas have never been previously described.

Why Don't Young Scientists Get More Grants? Often They Don't Apply

July 11, 2016

A report published on July 7th by several federal-grant experts breaks down NIH award rates by age groups, finding that older scientists aren’t necessarily any more successful than are their younger counterparts.

China revises up size of 2015 economy by 1.3 percent to reflect R&D spending

July 07, 2016

The move will help bring China's calculations for the value of its goods and services more in line with global standards set by the United Nations and other world organizations, amid widespread investor skepticism about the accuracy of the country's official data.

Senate Panel Approves Science and Tech Bill; Funding Issues Unresolved

June 30, 2016

The Senate Commerce Committee on Wednesday easily advanced a bill that would maximize basic research in science a

Global R&D trends challenge traditional science powerhouses

June 28, 2016

The US remains the single largest funder of research and development (R&D) in the world, but emerging trends show the global science funding landscape is becoming more diverse, according to new analysis by

Senators introduce bipartisan bill to support U.S. research and education

June 26, 2016

The new bill (S.3084) was crafted by Senators Cory Gardner (R–CO) and Gary Peters (D–MI) and has the backing of t

Samsung Commits $1.2 Billion To IoT Research In US

June 24, 2016

Samsung Electronics has committed to spending $1.2 billion over four years on internet of things (IoT) research and development

The Decline Of Research At Public Universities Erodes Public Trust

June 14, 2016

As public universities lose state funding, and are increasingly forced to function more like any other business, universities have to shift priorities.

Uncertain Future for Earth’s Biggest Telescope

June 08, 2016

Tucked into a sinkhole in the Puerto Rican jungle, the world’s largest single-dish radio telescope scans the skies for signs of distant galaxies, elusive gravitational waves, and the murmurs of extraterrestrial civilizations nearly 24 hours a day.

Will Senate COMPETES bill narrow partisan gap in Congress over U.S. research policy?

June 02, 2016

As a conservative Republican from the West and a liberal Democrat from the Midwest, senators Cory Gardner (R–CO) and Gary Peters (D–MI) are separated by geography and ideology. But they see eye-to-eye on the need for the federal government to strengthen its support of basic research.


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