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Calling himself a 'science geek,' the president spoke at the White House Frontiers Conference

October 14, 2016

President Barack Obama on Thursday (Oct 13) shook hands and fist bumped with a paralyzed man who was using a mind-controlled robotic arm. The one-day conference focused on spurring innovation and bolstering the country's strength and standing in science and technology, while taking on new challenges like curing disease, solving climate change and exploring deep space.

These Are Some Of The Largest Changes that Technology Brought in Education

October 13, 2016

Technological innovations mark the last couple of decades, and it has widely influenced every area of living. The change is particularly noticeable since the beginning of the 21st century. When education is concerned, the impact is clearly noticeable both when it comes to teaching and learning. The days of chalk and blackboard and printed textbooks seem like ancient history.

Imagining the future of EdTech

October 12, 2016

Technology is enabling the creation of open learning environments that will eventually replace the idea of a traditional classroom, and this will be significantly enhanced as virtual and augmented reality become more pervasive. Educators are largely embracing these changes, which bring higher levels of engagement and richer learning experiences to students.