Intellectual Property Is Vital to a Significant Part of the U.S. Economy

October 13, 2016

Going back to the Founding Fathers and the writing of the U.S. Constitution (with the intellectual property clause), intellectual property (IP) has always featured prominently in the U.S. economy. Yet its importance is too often overlooked and undervalued. The U.S.

Sputnik Again? Bill Gates Calls for Innovation Transformation

October 13, 2016

by Dr. Ronnie Lowenstein, ASTRA Senior Advisor and Futurist

Samsung says Apple wants a Supreme Court patent ruling 'that stifles innovation'

October 11, 2016

The U.S. appeals court on Oct. 7,  ruled to uphold a jury decision in favor of Apple and against Samsung over Samsung’s infringement of Apple patents.

Pentagon advisory board rolls out innovation plan

October 10, 2016

The Pentagon's Defense Innovation Advisory Board said there is no shortage of ideas and innovation in the military, but what is lacking is the means to share and build on innovative ideas.

Bill Gates: Four ways the next US president can foster an innovation economy

October 06, 2016

As the US presidential candidates lay out competing visions for the country, I have been thinking about a topic they have not yet discussed in detail: what political leadership can do to accelerate innovation. Innovation is the reason our lives have improved over the last century.

Why Innovation And Imitation Aren't Mutually Exclusive

October 04, 2016

Like countless innovators before it, Facebook has repeatedly swallowed up competitors’ features and made them bigger, better, and more accessible to a larger audience. And in the end, it's more than just Facebook that benefits.

Here are the most innovative universities across the world in 2016

September 29, 2016

In the fast-changing world of science and technology, if you’re not innovating, you’re falling behind. That’s one of the key findings of The Reuters 100: The World’s Most Innovative Universities.

Innovation in Tech Evolves in New Ways

September 13, 2016

Early reviews of Apple Inc.’s new iPhone 7 were, in a word, "meh." Pundits praised the many improvements in the device, but a consensus emerged that Apple hadn’t given existing iPhone o

This country - not the U.S. - is the world leader for mobile apps and innovation

September 11, 2016

In truth, because of its isolation and historical background, China has developed a set of needs and wants that have shaped its online market into what it is today.

Should Innovation Be An Evolution Or Revolution?

September 06, 2016

One thing that has become apparent over those years of study is that the innovation imperative in the technology sector is increasing exponentially.


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