How Girl Scouts Helped Astronaut Reach for the Stars - and Is Going All In on STEM Education for Girls

December 20, 2017

Research shows that Girl Scouts are overwhelmingly more likely than non–Girl Scouts to participate in STEM activities (60 percent, versus 35 percent). And 77 percent of Scouts say that because of Girl Scouts, they are considering a career in technology. Girl Scouts has focused on closing the STEM pipeline gap through girl-centered programming in engineering and coding.

What Happened When I Tried To Learn Coding From A Robot

December 19, 2017

Although many such robots are geared toward kids and STEM education, adults with limited coding knowledge can also have fun while learning coding with them. But the difference is that adults aren’t normally in daily classroom settings that teach coding like kids are.

Impatient With Colleges, Employers Design Their Own Courses

December 18, 2017

CompTIA projects that 1.8 million new tech jobs will be created between 2014 and 2024, many of them requiring people with data and computer-science credentials. Retiring baby boomers will leave countless additional positions open. But colleges and universities are turning out only about 28,000 computer-science graduates with bachelor’s and master’s degrees per year, based on the most recent figures from 2015, according to the consulting firm Deloitte.

Five Surprising and Innovative Uses of eLearning in 2017

December 18, 2017

2017 has, overall year, been a remarkable year when it comes to education technology. In the sphere of eLearning, countless businesses, educators, and individuals not only helped to develop new education technology; they implemented it in exciting and creative ways.

Virtual reality being utilized as a learning tool at USU

December 17, 2017

Virtual reality has made its way into Utah State University’s Merrill-Cazier Library. The technology, which aims to give students a more hands-on and visual learning experience, is expected by some at the university to be heavily used by many learning institutions in the near future.

Undergrad STEM Ed and Research Gets $4.8 Million Boost

December 17, 2017

A $4.8 million grant from the National Science Foundation is helping the Association of American Colleges and Universities redesign how schools evaluate their STEM education efforts. The organization received $4.8 million to implement a new, interdisciplinary approach to STEM higher ed reform.

How edtech innovation can revolutionize the education industry

December 17, 2017

The education industry is poised for massive disruption by innovative thinkers and entrepreneurial spirits. Most people agree that education is the key to helping people achieve and that it should be affordable and accessible. That, combined with an increase in the number of technologies that can be easily adapted to solve problems in the education sector, is why the EdTech space has experienced such sudden growth.

The state of STEM

December 17, 2017

“[W]hen we look at CTE from a STEM perspective,” Gardner explained, “the things we want to see are better integration of STEM and CTE together. So many of the CTE pathways have STEM in them, but there's this very big separation between CTE and STEM in our schools.”

Education in the Digital Age: A Look at the Progression of Technology in Education

December 14, 2017

There are teachers using interactive whiteboards, and students sneaking peeks at their phones or using a tablet. But I still see teachers covering material via lectures and students using textbooks--just as they do in my own university. I can’t help but ask: “Why has education changed so little when media and technology have changed so much?”

Single-sex schools and unexpected STEM outcomes

December 14, 2017

Given the rising interest in the potential benefits of single-sex education in the United States, particularly in the STEM fields of science, technology, engineering, and math, Penn researchers Hyunjoon Park, Jere Behrman, and former Ph.D. student Jaesung Choi turned to a similar setting on the other side of the world: Seoul, South Korea, where two-thirds of high school students attend gender separate schools.


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