K–12 Teachers Use Virtual and Augmented Reality Platforms to Teach Coding

March 06, 2019

Virtual and augmented reality in the classroom has proved to be effective for history and chemistry lessons. However, a new use for these tools is now emerging: teaching computer science. Currently, one of the few setbacks to integrating virtual reality is a lack of readily available content. While this may seem like a negative, it opens a new door for teachers to encourage students to explore the world of coding and create their own virtual reality worlds.

Three Tips to Ease Implementation of New Edtech

March 05, 2019

Teachers appreciate tools that help their students succeed. But many school administrators fail to enlist teachers’ support when adopting and implementing new education technologies. Some administrators simply mandate that the product is used, which threatens teachers’ autonomy. Others make a brief announcement introducing the new technology without offering instruction on how it works, meaning that few, if any, teachers will still be using it as the school year goes on.

Calling for a change in STEM culture to retain underrepresented students

March 05, 2019

Women and students of color are widely underrepresented in the majority of STEM fields. Most discussions take a ‘deficit’ approach to the problem, citing deficits of minority groups as a reason for discrepancy. However a new study looks at how instructional style and perceived professor care influence decisions of students from underrepresented groups to major in STEM.

Supporting mature female students enrolling in university STEM programs

March 04, 2019

Women face many barriers when it comes to post-secondary education, and this is especially true in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), as well as in traditionally male-dominated trades like welding. These barriers are even higher for mature female students -- those who are at least 24 years old -- who are often discriminated against when they want to pursue their studies.

A new study shows that Latinx and black students leave STEM majors at far higher rates than their white peers

March 04, 2019

College administrators have long debated how to attract minority students -- black and Latinx men and women -- to science and technology fields. It turns out these students already have an interest in those fields, at least according to a new study. But black and Latinx students enrolled in STEM programs are either switching majors or dropping out of college at higher rates than their white peers, the study concludes.

What 126 studies say about education technology

March 03, 2019

In recent years, there has been widespread excitement around the transformative potential of technology in education. In the United States alone, spending on education technology has now exceeded $13 billion. Programs and policies to promote the use of education technology may expand access to quality education, support students’ learning in innovative ways, and help families navigate complex school systems.

IEEE-USA's March New, Free Audio Book for Members Helps Kids See the World through Engineers' Eyes

March 02, 2019

"STEM is “an educational paradigm that integrates both process- and content- oriented curriculum, and is based on standards,” explains author Harry T. Roman. And in IEEE-USA’s new, free March audio book for members, Why STEM Is Important, Roman demystifies the concept--for engineers--and for anyone else who is interested. In clear, direct language, listeners learn what STEM is, what it is not, and why this educational model promises to launch a new era of U.S. economic productivity. Sign in to your IEEE Web Account; add the book to your cart, and follow the instructions at the link, to get your free Audio Book download.

Three things you need to know about working in STEM

February 28, 2019

Want a fulfilling career where you can make an impact across a wide variety of industries? A STEM job might just be for you! Here are three things you need to know about working in STEM.

Closing the Gap: Behind a Longtime Corporate STEM Funder's New Work on Women and Girls

February 28, 2019

The IT company Cognizant has supported the development of the STEM workforce for years, most notably through its Making the Future program. This strategy falls in line with a larger trend of corporations using their funding to train and upskill the kinds of employees they will need, as we’ve reported. Making the Future launched in 2011 and focuses on Maker culture and spaces--creative, hands-on learning environments where people experience and explore STEM equipment, processes, and making.

Parents say kids need to learn computer science, cybersecurity at a younger age

February 28, 2019

Parents have been asking schools to teach younger North Dakota students more computer and cyber science including coding and even cybersecurity. After all, the jobs are certainly there with more than 350,000 openings nationwide in cybersecurity, for example, and only a handful going into the field, according to statistics provided to the state.


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