Embrace Mobile Technologies as an Online Student

March 06, 2017

When choosing an online degree program, make sure the technologies available for learning fit in with your daily life and will benefit, not hinder, your education experience. Here are three things prospective online students should look for or consider using when it comes to technology to ensure they can access online courses on the go.

Expanding Access to Edtech Isn't Enough. We Need to Make Sure It Works, Too

March 06, 2017

Students need access to tools that work. But today, the decisions educators make regarding the tools they use with students are based on hypothesis rather than solid evidence.School, district, and state leaders make technology decisions every day that will affect student tech fluency, not to mention learning outcomes.

Programs bridge gender gap in male-dominated STEM careers

March 06, 2017

A new independent public school in Richmond is testing a model for STEM education. CodeRVA High School is the result of a need to build a workforce in computer science and technology in the Richmond region. It’s an open, project-based, in-class and online learning environment that focuses on mastery of skills as opposed to grades.

Researchers Point to Paradigm Shift in Flipped Learning

March 06, 2017

"The ground underneath flipped learning is shifting," said Jon Bergmann, co-founder of FLGI, in a press release. "Over the last 12 months, we've been following several developments that we think require every professional involved in flipped learning to update their understanding, recalibrate their thinking and adopt a new stance toward flipped learning.

Why Retailers Are Betting On STEM Toys For Your Little Mad Scientist

March 05, 2017

From code-teaching caterpillars to colorful chemistry kits, manufacturers and retailers alike are eager to cash in on a growing toy sector, known by the buzzworthy term STEM, that promises to deliver on science, technology, engineering, and math education. Retailers are taking different approaches: Target, Best Buy, and Walmart are amping up their store aisles, while Toys “R” Us and National Geographic are producing their own line of STEM products.

Greater Success for Students with Learning Disabilities Linked to Applied S.T.E.M.

March 05, 2017

If yet more proof was needed to emphasize the importance of science, technology, engineering and math (S.T.E.M.), two UC Santa Barbara researchers have determined that taking applied S.T.E.M. courses benefits students with learning disabilities in their educational paths.

Online classes highlight the importance of student-teacher interactions

March 03, 2017

According to a Columbia University study, students do not choose to take online courses for "a superior learning experience" and instead most students take what they consider “easy” online classes. Online teachers put an abundance of time and work into their courses, just as professors who teach face-to-face classes do, but they have to work harder to create a classroom environment similar to a live class and push students to perform active learning.

With New Administration, 100Kin10 Renews Call to Support STEM Teachers

March 02, 2017

100Kin10, a national nonprofit focused on recruiting, preparing, and supporting teachers in science, technology, engineering, and math, published an open letter on Monday that reiterated the importance of their mission in a new political climate.  "To produce big ideas, solve our biggest challenges, and keep America competitive on a global scale, students need excellent educations  --  in STEM especially,"

After-school Programs Foster STEM Skills

March 02, 2017

While many classrooms and internship programs are actively trying to incorporate science, technology, engineering and math -- also known as STEM -- education into the lives of children and young adults, after-school programs that focus on STEM let children explore new ideas without worrying about keeping their grades up.

Don't confuse educational technology that helps kids learn - and doesn't

March 02, 2017

I live and work in Silicon Valley, so it’s not surprising that technology has found its way into our math classrooms here.  But is technology really supporting our students to learn? Just because something is labeled as technology doesn’t mean it supports good learning. In my recent work in local schools, I have observed that teachers are having their students work on computers for the entire math lesson.


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