Female Role Models Empower Young Girls to Pursue STEM Careers in Latest Ad Council Campaign

September 13, 2018

Understanding that representation undoubtedly matters, the Ad Council has partnered with GE, Google, IBM, Microsoft and Verizon, to launch “She Can STEM” a campaign geared toward the encouragement of young girls to engage their interests in related careers. “She Can STEM” features a trio of 30-second ads, each showing a group of young girls shadowing a female professional in three completely different areas STEM...

littleBits Launches New Line of Invention Kits to Inspire Kids to be Changemakers

September 13, 2018

littleBits, the inventor of the electronic building block, is using kids' own passions to get them excited about STEM/STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) at home and at school. Today, the company introduced a line of three new inventor kits that challenge kids to build fun, playful inventions and give them the lifelong skills necessary to change the world.

America's High-Tech STEM Crisis

September 12, 2018

America is in a race for high-tech supremacy with China. The question is, whether we will have enough future engineers and scientists to secure our lead in that race; or whether, for the first time, leadership in advanced technologies will pass to a leading geopolitical and economic competitor.

K-12 teachers are not confident in their ability to teach technology

September 11, 2018

A study published this week by global consulting firm PwC finds that children are not prepared for jobs of the future, in part because teachers say they aren’t equipped to teach them higher-level tech skills.

Tech or no tech, effective learning is all about teaching

September 10, 2018

As millions of students head back to school, families are probably wondering if those shiny new devices, apps, and even games that are becoming a typical part of the school day are good for learning. As an education researcher focused on blended learning, I am often asked if education technology “works.” The underlying question here for all of us, myself included, is: “Based on the current evidence, do I want my child’s educational experience to include ed tech?”

Women around world can be empowered with education

September 09, 2018

Education in science, technology, engineering and math fields can be the road to economic empowerment for women around the world. But unfortunately, girls often face significant barriers that restrict access to STEM education. According to a United Nations study of 14 countries, the percentage of women graduating with a bachelor’s degree in a field related to science is 18 percent.

Supporting computer science education through IT innovation

September 09, 2018

CS education has moved from a "nice to have" to a "must have," and districts nationwide are grappling the challenge of implementing a new K-12 discipline in an already full school day and resource-constrained system. Fortunately, many states and districts have already launched CS education initiatives, and forged a path for others to follow, like St. Vrain Valley Schools in Colorado.

ASU researcher studies how virtual and augmented reality technologies improve STEM education

September 07, 2018

Virtual and augmented reality technologies make it possible for students to learn about complex phenomena, like angular momentum or even electromagnetic waves, through partially or fully immersive experiences. Arizona State University’s Mina C. Johnson-Glenberg, a research professor in the Department of Psychology, is working to bring virtual reality (VR) into K-12 classrooms to promote STEM education.

How Do We Know If Technology Is the Solution or the Problem?

September 06, 2018

Has a more hotly debated or wholly unanswerable question ever been posed? One can easily imagine an Epic Rap Battle of History between the Luddites and Futurists on this very topic. And nowhere is that seemingly innocuous question more likely to ruffle feathers than in the realm of education.

4 Huge Trends in Educational Technology and Online Learning

September 06, 2018

In 1944 Congress passed the G.I. Bill, making a college education -- something once reserved for the rich -- into a real possibility for returning middle class soldiers. Today, access to education is still being expanded, and not just across class lines. Modern day education institutions are using technology in unprecedented ways to make sure that no student is left behind, regardless of their disability, distance, learning style, or background.


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