NSF Budget Request to Congress FY2013

NSF's FY 2013 Request reflects wise stewardship of federal funding through innovative, targeted investments that closely align with both agency and Administration priorities. It totals $7.373 billion, an increase of $340.0 million (4.8 percent) over the FY 2012 Estimate, consistent with the Administration's commitment to doubling funding for NSF and other key basic research agencies.

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  NSF Summary Table
NSF Funding Profile
Number of People Involved in NSF Activities
NSF Historical Funding by Account: FY 1980-FY 2013
NSF Selected Crosscutting Programs
NSF NSTC Crosscuts
NSF Homeland Security Activities
NSF Programs to Broaden Participation
NSF STEM Education Programs by Level of Education
EHR by Division and Program
NSF Research Infrastructure by Account and Activity
NSF Research Infrastructure Summary
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