Women and Science Infographic

By all credible accounts, there is an acute shortage of females in four key areas of science.

New Data Science Institute

The Moore and Sloan Foundations announced on Nov. 12 a new data science initiative to advance data-driven scholarship in the social and physical sciences.

STEM and Computer Science

The United States has fallen from producing a quarter of the world’s global output to less than one fifth, while nations like China and India have rapidly caught up.

The Entrepreneurial University

Over the last several months, the Department of Commerce’s Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship spoke directly to colleges and universities around the country to understand how they are nurturing and promoting innovation and entrepreneurship.

U.S. R&D Spending Infographic

The U.S. spends more money than any other country in the world on scientific research and development.

But do those billions of dollars translate into breakthroughs, and what does the future hold.


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